Dorian Geiger

Dorian Geiger

Multimedia Journalist

Dorian is a journalist & producer at Al Jazeera English. The New York Times, Politico, TIME, VICE, Fortune, Narratively & Teen Vogue have featured his work. Get in touch:

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Coming to America

NEW YORK — Born under the Khmer Rouge’s ruthless rule in Cambodia, Thoul Tong knew little about the genocide there until his family moved to the Bronx, and he started going to school in New York City.

Now, he’s both tantalized and repelled by the history of the homeland he hasn’t seen since childhood.

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Portraits of Southeast Asia

These are the people — the culture — the stories of Southeast Asia through my camera's lens.

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Genocidal Tendencies: Fractured Cambodia & the Khmer Rouge (Part I — The Killing Fields)

Thousands of craniums stare back at me with cold, petrified expressions. Spider webs dangle in eye hollow sockets. Thousands of skulls — piled as a high as a small apartment building — loom in front of me.

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Angkor Wat: Behind the Lens

Ancient ruins. Crumbling relics. Unfathomable architecture. Calling Angkor Wat a majestic place is a gross understatement.

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Fountain of Life: Balud Batu's Water Crisis

As water flows from a tap outside Roadiah Aling’s home, tears from her eyes do the same. These are tears of joy. Her smile is contagious. It’s the first time her tiny Malaysian village of Balud Batu had clean, accessible drinking water, a luxury taken for granted in much of the Western world.