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Dorian Geiger

Multimedia Journalist

Dorian is a journalist & producer for Al Jazeera English. The New York Times, Politico, TIME, VICE, Fortune, Narratively & Teen Vogue have featured hiswork. Get in touch:

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How Canada's Record of Wrongful Imprisonment Has Changed Since 'Wheat Kings'

When Gail Miller, a Saskatoon nurse, was discovered partially nude in a back alley near her home, stabbed 14 times, her throat slit, David Milgaard was passing through Saskatchewan on a road trip.

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How Iranian Women Are Protesting Against the Country's Strict Dress Code

Iran is home to perhaps the most strictly enforced dress code in the world. In the capital, Tehran, thousands of Gashte Ershad, or morality police—both in uniform and plainclothes—patrol the streets, looking for men with flashy jewelry or certain haircuts and women in form-fitting clothes or loose hijabs, which are required by law to be worn at all times.

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The Nazi Roots of the Modern Olympic Torch Relay

Fire has always been part of the Olympics. During ancient Games, which date back to 776 B.C., the Greeks lit flames outside temples and sanctuaries in Olympia to honor the gods. The origins of the modern torch relay, however, trace back to Nazi Germany.

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Why Iran's First Contemporary Arab Art Exhibit Was Important

Photographer and filmmaker Arwa Al Neami concealed her camera as she sank into the driver's seat of a bumper car on a gender-segregated ride at an amusement park in southern Saudi Arabia.

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Egyptair Crash: Egypt's Long History of Air-Disaster Denial

"I rely on God.”

That’s what Gameel Al-Batouti, the co-pilot of EgyptAir Flight 990, repeated — 11 times in Arabic — before the aircraft he was operating mysteriously plunged into the icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Massachusetts on Oct. 31, 1999.

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Teen Vogue

The Rise of Donald Trump | 2016 Election

How Donald Trump Is Using Social Media to Spread Fear — And Get Elected.

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Wildfire Has Forced the Evacuation of the Entire Canadian City

Residents of Fort McMurray were ordered to evacuate late Tuesday as a wildfire threatened the city, which lies in Canada’s oil sands region.

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​Notepads, Guns, and Cocaine: The Isolated Life of a Paraguayan Journalist

Journalist Cándido Figueredo Ruíz woke in a panic, windows shattering all around him. Automatic weapons fire was raining down on his house. The bedroom of his Paraguay home was riddled in lead. One bullet struck his bed, centimeters from where he'd been sleeping moments earlier.

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Saudi Arabia’s Art Scene Is Horrified by the Death Sentence Given to Poet Ashraf Fayadh

Ashraf Fayadh, a poet recently sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia by beheading, relayed a simple but grim message to the world from his prison cell.

"I'm an artist and I want my freedom," Fayadh, 35, said over the telephone last week.

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​The Death Penalty Is Slowly Dying Out

When Saudi Arabia killed 47 people—mainly alleged terrorists—in a mass execution on January 2, it was naturally condemned by observers worldwide as inhumane and barbaric.

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Teen Vogue

Why Abigail Fisher's Affirmative Action Suit Is Wrong

A ruling against the University of Texas system, which employs affirmative action, could profoundly impact millions of black students like Grant, and countless others from different minority groups in Texas, and possibly nationwide.

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The New York Times

Something Old (Bridal Wear) Meets the New (3-D Printing)

What bride does not want a wedding dress that not only offers a perfect fit but is unique to her?

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Newfoundland’s Child Sex Doll Trial Raises Uncomfortable Questions About Pedophilia and the Law

In 2013, Canadian border agents intercepted a suspicious package coming from Japan that was addressed to a residence in Newfoundland. That package contained a life-like sex doll. But it wasn't a typical sex doll—it resembled a small child.

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Teen Vogue

Some Colleges Are Trying to "Hijack" Their Female Employees' Birth Control

Faith-based colleges and nonprofit institutions across the U.S. took the Obama administration's Affordable Care Act to the Supreme Court today over its contraception mandate, a provision in the law that provides cost-free birth control for American women as a form of preventative care.

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Teen Vogue

ISIS Recruits American Teens with Social Media

When she was 19, Zainab Al-Suwaij, was pulling machine gun triggers and hurling grenades at Iraqi soldiers as a rebel fighter in the bloody uprising against dictator Saddam Hussein.