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Dorian Geiger

Multimedia Journalist

Dorian is a journalist & producer at Al Jazeera English. The New York Times, Politico, TIME, VICE, Fortune, Narratively & Teen Vogue have featured his work. Get in touch:

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Al Jazeera

Refugees Cross to Canada to Escape Donald Trump

For five hours, Farhan Ahmed and Mohamed Mualim trekked through the barren and frigid snow-swept fields dividing North Dakota from the Canadian prairies. The snow was knee-deep and it was nearly -20 degrees Celsius. Then, out of the darkness, a highway appeared. They had arrived in Canada.

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Al Jazeera

Yemen: Art, love, bombs and bans

They call him the Banksy of Yemen. But Murad Subay, a 29-year-old street artist based in the capital Sanaa, shrugs off such comparisons.

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Al Jazeera

The Dawn of Cyber Politicians

Could holograms, as used by France's Jean-Luc Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Turkey's Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, and India's Narendra Modi be the future of political rallies?

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Al Jazeera

The Lives Interrupted by Donald Trump's Immigration Ban

Ali, a 33-year-old Iranian-American engineer and tech start-up consultant living in Los Angeles, has no idea when he might see his mother again.

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Imprisoned With ISIS: An American Journalist's Experience in Post-Coup Turkey

For more than two months, American journalist Lindsey Snell shared a cramped Turkish jail cell with a young ISIS recruit and two other women who were the wives of al-Qaeda fighters.

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Al Jazeera

Americans Dream of Canada After Trump

Lola Al-Uqdah is one of hundreds, if not thousands of Americans who, during the election, contemplated moving to Canada if Trump won. But unlike the vast majority of liberal anti-Trumpers who flip-flopped on Canada once the billionaire real estate mogul pulled off a stunning victory, Al-Uqdah was serious.

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Al Jazeera

Protecting The Vote In Philadelphia: How A Mass Transit Strike Nearly Threatened The Outcome Of An Election

Diron Tucker, a 30-year-old security guard living in northwest Philadelphia, has been waking up at 4am lately. Not because he cannot sleep - but because his and his family's daily commute had been transformed into a nightmare.

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The Death of Thailand's King Is Turning the Country's Fashion Industry Black

Jaruporn Osathanont, a clothing store owner at Platinum Fashion Mall in Bangkok, was preparing her lunch in her shop—rice and spicy pork rib soup—when two Thai women strolled in. They came to purchase the hottest fashion item in Bangkok: a plain black T-shirt.

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The Nazi Roots of the Modern Olympic Torch Relay

Fire has always been part of the Olympics. During ancient Games, which date back to 776 B.C., the Greeks lit flames outside temples and sanctuaries in Olympia to honor the gods. The origins of the modern torch relay, however, trace back to Nazi Germany.

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Thailand's Black Clothing Craze

Thais are running out of black clothing as they mourn for their late King.

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The Chronicle Herald

The Slow Burn Beneath: The Hellish History of a Pennsylvania Ghost Town

I wander through a maze of crumbling streets overgrown by forest and populated by disturbing graffiti. There are depictions of Satan, neon swastikas, a rainbow of Trump 2016 endorsements and, perhaps creepiest of all, a yellow-haired doll, whose demonic smirk would give even Stephen King goose bumps.

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This Craft Brewery Infuses Its Beer with the Wu-Tang Clan

Garman is the head brewer at Fortnight Brewing in Cary, North Carolina. He and his team were using sonic vibrations—in this case, East Coast gangster rap—to stress out the yeast during the fermentation process with the purpose of altering the flavour, character, and complexion of a new beer, aptly dubbed “Bring da Ruckus.”

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How Iranian Women Are Protesting Against the Country's Strict Dress Code

Iran is home to perhaps the most strictly enforced dress code in the world. In the capital, Tehran, thousands of Gashte Ershad, or morality police—both in uniform and plainclothes—patrol the streets, looking for men with flashy jewelry or certain haircuts and women in form-fitting clothes or loose hijabs, which are required by law to be worn at all times.

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Finding Common Ground Against Common Core Testing

In 2012, Amy Roat was teaching a class of English language learners in Philadelphia. It was spring – better known in the halls of Pennsylvania’s public schools as test season.

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Why Iran's First Contemporary Arab Art Exhibit Was Important

Photographer and filmmaker Arwa Al Neami concealed her camera as she sank into the driver's seat of a bumper car on a gender-segregated ride at an amusement park in southern Saudi Arabia.